a person using their checkbook

Check Orders

Ordering checks is fast and easy with Guaranty Bank.

We offer a variety of alternatives to best meet your needs. As always, you can call or visit any branch location of Guaranty Bank and speak to a customer service representative who can assist you with check reorders.

Another alternative is to call 1-800-503-2345 or visit OrderMyChecks.com(Opens in a new Window) for your re-order needs. You can browse the online catalog at harlandclarke.com/catalog(Opens in a new Window).

Guaranty Bank is always concerned with protecting customer privacy. The best way to protect yourself against identity theft is to prevent it. Order our enhanced Security Check Kit (offered through Harland Clarke) today. The kit includes:

  • Counterfeit-evident duplicate checks with hologram foil bar, heat reactive ink circle, background pattern, embedded word “security” that appears on photocopies
  • Three security pens to help prevent check washing
  • A handy checklist titled “7 Everyday Ways to Prevent Identity Theft”

At Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, the customer is always first.