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Your credit card is

getting an upgrade.


Here are a few FAQs regarding your new Guaranty Bank & Trust credit card.

Why am I getting a new Credit Card? 
We are upgrading our credit card program to offer more features and even better service.  As a part of this upgrade, all current credit card customers will receive a new credit card.
My new card doesn't look like my old one. Why?
As a part of our credit card upgrade, we have redesigned our cards and renamed them to make them more distinguishable.  Our consumer credit card is now called the Platinum card, and our business card is now more easily identified as such.
I can't access my card on the old site?
We have a new site that may be accessed from our homepage or by clicking here.  You may also view your transactions, balance, and card status on our mobile app.  Soon, you will be able to manage your card through your online banking account.
When can I start using my new card?
You may activate your new credit card and begin using it on August 26th.  Upon activation of your new credit card, please destroy the old one.
My business card has never said "Business" on the front.
In addition to the new name, our new business cards will be upgraded to a more sophisticated online management experience that allows companies to manage multiple cards from a single logon.
Will I have a new credit card number?
Yes.  Your credit card number will change.  Once you have activated your new card on August 26th, please contact any merchants that have your card number on file for recurring payments (such as satellite tv, insurance, online shopping, etc.).
Will my payment due date change?
No.  Your payment will continue to be due on the 12th of each month.
Is my rate going to change?
While many of our cardholders will not experience a change in their interest rate, some may.  To find out if your rate will change contact card services at (318) 878-3703.
Can I still call the bank if I have a question?
Absolutely! In fact, our new credit card program will allow us to assist you much more quickly than ever before!  In addition, we will now offer 24/7 credit card support.